The Single Hound

One Sister Have I In Our House

One sister have I in our house,
And one a hedge away,
There’s only one recorded
But both belong to me.

One came the way that I came
And wore my past year’s gown;
The other I stole in Holyoke
At a festival in town.

She did not dress as we did,
It was a different code,
Herself attracted to the fashions
Of a French circus wardrobe.

To-day is far from childhood
But when the fairs arrive
I hold her hand the tighter,
Fearing away she’d strive.

And still her clothes the years among
Confuses Butterflies,
Still in her coat the Violets lie
Mouldered this many May.

I spilt some blood but took the girl,
I chose this single freak
From out the wide night’s games:
Sue – forevermore!


The original, though with different line breaks, with interpretation explaining the reference to two sisters.

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