XIII. There Came a Day At Summer’s Full


There came a day at summer’s full
Entirely for me;
I thought that such were for the saints,
Where revelation be.

The sun, as common, went abroad,
The flowers, accustomed, filled.
But everyone else stayed indoors
While I could roam at will.

The time was scarce profaned by speech;
My only friend was dog,
Who sniffed excitedly around
As I, unfrozen, skipped along.


The hours slid fast, as hours will,
Clutched tight by greedy hands,
Us knowing others were stuck in place,
Owing to magic sands.

And so, when all the time was spent,
Without external sound,
We turned back reluctantly,
Forever homeward bound.

Perhaps one day we’ll tour again,
A doggie and her lass,
If I can just re-do the spell
With that odd hour-glass!


The original with interpretation.

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